What Would Be The Consequences Of Refusing A DUI Breathalyzer Test

There are some conditions when a total sobriety of the individual is needed and this is true of a number of professions where it is totally against the norms to be under the influence of alcohol in any manner.  In such conditions, the norm is to have such individuals undergo periodic tests and there are consequences of refusing a DUI breathalyzer test.  But it must be said of the general population that people that get to be under the influence of alcohol often tend to take sufficient steps so as not to affect others in any way and this would be the most suitable approach as well. 

Why there needs to be consequences of refusing a DUI breathalyzer test

            Nature of the job: Attention must be drawn here to the need to remain sober while piloting an aircraft and this is an industry that places a lot of stress to remaining sober at all times.  This could be due to the easy availability of alcohol coupled with the long hours spent at the cockpit.  It must be said that most long distance flights are a boring affairs for most seasoned pilots and this is where the temptation to have a swig comes to the fore. 

            Most airlines follow a testing policy for their pilots that make it mandatory for them to be tested on a routine basis as well as at random.  It really doesn’t look good for a pilot to refuse to take a breathalyzer test as it would go into his service record and if this sort of becomes a habit then the concerned pilot could even be prevented from piloting an aircraft.  Being under the influence of alcohol is a factor that could affect the judgment as well as the speeds of thinking of most people and considering the velocity that modern aircraft travel at, greatly jeopardize the well being of a lot of people.

            On the road: The arguments for remaining as sober as would be possible is as important for the pilots as with those that get to drive on the roads.  It is just that the good part of drivers do not do it as a living but as a means to get from one place to another.  But there are always the laws that govern the use of vehicles on public roads; a good DUI attorney for representation will drill this part into any client that approaches him.  

            Being sober while driving is not just advisable but a necessity as well.  The least accidents are had in situations when the driver is completely sober as it could be.  Most taxi services do insist on having their drivers take out breath tests to have them on the right side of the law as well as keep an accident free fleet as possible.  The law enforcement agencies also do use breathalyzer to keep the people using the roads on the right path too.