Benefits of using rigid boxes wholesale

A rigid box, also known as a setup box might at first seem to be just as another carton. Cartons can sometimes get crumbled easily damaging the package inside and this, in turn, is a loss to the customer. Rigid boxes do not crumble so quickly because the cardboard used in it is around four times thicker than the chipboard used in a normal carton; moreover, the printing is usually done on a separate piece of plastic or paper but rarely ever done directly onto the rigid boxes.


Another good thing about rigid boxes is its ability to adapt. Producing rigid boxes wholesale doesn’t require expensive heavy machinery; it can be made and altered easily in different shapes and sizes without having to spend a lot of extra money for custom designs. Rigid boxes can also take shapes and sizes as per the customer’s needs, like having hinges, shapes, indentations, and much more.


Benefits of rigid boxes over traditional boxes

  • Durability:

Rigid boxes might seem to be just like the cardboard boxes to look at, but they are far better than them. The strength and sturdiness of the laminated box come from the pressed sheets of paper which are glued or laminated to the hard chipboard from which is non-bendable this way the sides are also a lot more rigid because of the chipboard frame being 1-3mm thick.

  • Adds to the quality of product

No matter how good the product is, if its packaging is not suitable, it automatically becomes an average quality product. But when the presentation and the packaging are good it adds to the quality of the product. The rigid laminated boxes do draw attention and bring beautiful graphics and elegance.

  • Fine lines and smooth surfaces

As the rigid boxes are made of pressed sheets laminated onto the chipboard. This also adds to the durability and quality. Because of using laminated sheets the exterior has really fine lines and smooth exterior surfaces which simply make it more attractive.

  • Using magnetic closure, the magnets are not visible:

    Rigid Boxes Wholesale

The magnetic closure just adds to the luxury feel of the box. The magnetic closure is durable because it has no mechanism which can break it or need an outer power source. That’s why it gives a clean and luxurious look, and because of the dual layering in rigid boxes, it’s not visible either.

  • Fine edges:

The groove cuter or the laser cutter that can be used to make the custom shapes as well is very accurate and makes fine lines. This produces good edges that have no undefined shape and are well cut, which simply again adds to the quality of the product and its packaging.

Rigid boxes wholesale are an easy way to make your product a lot more attractive and presentable; this can also be a direct marketing feature and adds to the sales of the products. It is a perfect addition and is a must-have if you want to create a recognizable luxury brand.

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