Struggling to choose a modem to use for gaming?

The modem you use is one of the most important parts, when wanting to build the ideal gaming set up. A modem can help ensure that your network will be provided from your ISP with the fastest.Please continue reading to learn what you need to be looking for from a gambling modem.

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What To Search For

There are, if you are attempting to purchase a modem for gambling.


The very first thing to do is check that your modem will work together with your ISP. It is always worth checking before you buy Whenever most popular modems will work with most ISP’s. In reality, while you’re at it, then you should check that your ISP lets you use your own modem.



When you’ve checked the compatibility of your modem, the following point to check for is. You will need to make sure is as fast you get from your ISP.


It can be worth purchasing a modem that can handle faster rates . This way, in case you decide if your ISP begin to roll out speeds that are faster or to upgrade, you’ll be prepared to take advantage.


Other Attributes

There are also some other features you should watch out for. First up is Ethernet interfaces. For the fastest speeds, you should be sure they’re Gigabit ports. Some routers have more than one which can be good for linking to device or more than 1 router.


As well as this, check out the DOCSIS version (if you get cable internet). 3.1 is your fastest and will probably future-proof your system for a while to come. If you would like to go with DOCSIS 3.0, for faster speeds it’s possible to look for a modem that enables a higher number of stations to bond.


There is a lot to consider, when looking to construct your gaming setup. One is whether to purchase even a modem/router combo, or another modem and router.


First up, let us take a peek at modem/router combos. The most important benefit of these products is that everything is in 1 box and should work together. You can buy powerful products which arrive with lots of high-end modem/router features which should be OK for gambling.


You can save a bit of cash compared to buying another modem and router with features, In addition to this.


There are drawbacks though. Primarily, you are stuck with the built in modem and router. You will need to buy both products all over again if after a year of usage you decide you would like to upgrade to a router with features.


In addition to this, if you want the absolute best equipment it is far more easy to find this if you buy separate products. You may purchase modem and a more powerful router with all the qualities you need. In addition to this, the devices won’t be sharing their tools and all its computing power will be being used to assist you game.


Basically, if you are only after some casual gaming, then a router/modem combo will probably be fine. For the most optimized gaming experience, it is usually better to purchase products.


Can I Use Wifi?

This is a tough question. So it may seem like it would be the obvious choice, best modem for gaming is much more convenient. As well as this, there’ll be plenty of individuals who do use wifi and normally have no problem (or hardly any problem) with the service they get.


However, for the best possible gaming experience, it’s always best to utilize Ethernet. This is mainly due to the reduce latency in an Ethernet link when compared to wifi, even though the difference in rates of both technologies may come into it.


Wireless Speed

The rates available over Ethernet are generally faster than wifi. While in the past this would have maybe made quite a difference as the rates have surpassed speeds the gap won’t be quite as significant.

Wireless AC provides theoretical speeds of between 1.7 and 2.5 Gbps while this is much less than the 10 Gbps accessible from Cat6 Ethernet cables, it’s still very likely to be more than the speeds you receive from the online provider.


The difference is in the reliability of Ethernet cables. Wifi networks are subject to disruption and congestion to walls, and even your own microwave from everything from different wifi networks.

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