The Hosting Market

Colocation Hosting:

What Does It Mean?

At Colocation Hosting you Buy the server of your own Option and lease out space. They provide Heating systems, Power supply, & Internet connection. You’re responsible for maintenance and server setup. Few hosting companies provide services that are added to maintain your server. However, it is optional.


You must pay a visit to your server to be installed by the Datacenter. If You will find some issues, it is your responsibility to check and update your own infrastructure (Server).


To make it easy to comprehend, let us take this analogy.


A dedicated server is similar to renting a completely furnished out home. You don’t need to get anything.


Colocation Hosting is like renting out semi furnished home. You need to buy your choice of server.


Dedicated Server:


It’s completely dedicated to you as its name says. You can Have the administration privileges on your own server. You leased the one host for your own requirements to put it, in other words. You can utilize the server .


You are the sole user of the server that is single. There is no Sharing. You’re the only person who is currently going to use server resources. Dedicated servers are extremely pricey.


Examples: SiteGround, Inmotion


When Can I Use?

cloud servers


In Case You Have any custom settings like software and Hardware is your best option. So you’ve got the extra advantage one advantage is that a handling level of safety is in your hands.


A server requires a server admin who manages The activities involved in handling server. It involves a whole lot of experience. Sites with millions and millions of traffic can opt for servers.


Dedicated Server Isn’t recommended.Unless that you have a good Traffic, Custom requirements, budget and adequate employees who manage the server.



Reseller Web Hosting:


What Does It Mean?


If You Would like to sell hosting



Data Center equipped with servers,


Cooling systems,


Unlimited energy supply,


Unlimited Internet Connection,


Power Backup Generators


And not to mention a great group of specialists with Support executives. That is not all You want a great location which is safe from natural calamities and need to follow a lot of local Govt. Regulations.


That is a great deal, right? This Is the Reason Why hosting companies supply Reseller hosting Packages that enables me and you to sell hosting packages as a separate company While all of the hard work (Mentioned above) will be handled by Hosting Company.

Yes, Everything is managed by hosting company Do is start selling hosting services with a brand name that is new and subscribe to Reseller hosting.


Examples: SiteGround, Inmotion, Bluehost. And much more.


When Can I Use?


Web agencies who manage clients can opt for, developers Reseller packages. If you’re good at marketing with technical experience even you can begin selling hosting solutions.



I utilize definitions being hosted by Gartner’s, since I operate at Gartner While I talk about the marketplace. We classify the market into four sections: Colocation, Shared Hosting, Simple Managed Hosting, and Sophisticated Managed Hosting. Colocation is unmanaged colocation (“ping, power, pipe”). Shared Hosting is hosting. The Simple Managed section is typified by management up to the OS layer, and simple architectures (usually just 1 or two servers). The Managed section is everything. The 3 categories are spanned by cloud infrastructure providers, depending on what they are.


Equinix (carrier-neutral data centres )


SAVVIS (has a system but does not demand its use)


Maximum 10 (regional provider)


Hurricane Electric (local provider)


Yahoo! (small company portal)


GoDaddy (domain registrar)


1&1 Internet (shared hosting-focused provider)


NTT Verio (mass-market hosting, such as wholesaling)


Sample Simple Managed Hosting Providers:


The Planet











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