A server requires a server admin who manages The activities involved in handling server.

Colocation Hosting:


What Does It Mean?


In Colocation Hosting you Buy the host of your own Choice and rent out distance from hosting company. They supply Heating, Power supply, Cooling systems, & Internet connection. You are accountable for server setup and maintenance. Few hosting companies deliver additional services to keep your server. It is optional.


You have to visit the Datacenter to put in your server. If There are some issues, it is your obligation to check and update your own infrastructure (Server).


To make it easy to comprehend, let’s take this analogy cloud servers


A dedicated server is similar to renting out a completely furnished home. You don’t need to get anything.


Colocation Hosting is like renting semi furnished out. You have to purchase your choice of server.


Dedicated Server:


What Does It Mean?


It’s completely dedicated to you as its name says. You can Have the complete administration privileges on your server. You leased the one complete host for your own requirements In other words, in other words. You can utilize the host .


You’re the lone user of this server. There is no Sharing at all. You are the one person who’s currently going to use server resources. Dedicated servers are expensive.


Few Cases: SiteGround, Inmotion


When Should I Use?


If you have any custom settings software and Hardware is your very best bet. So you have the excess advantage one advantage is that a level of safety is in your hands.


A server requires a server admin who manages The activities involved in handling server. It involves a lot of technical experience. Servers can be opted for by Websites with millions and millions of visitors.


Dedicated Server is not recommended.Unless that you have a great Traffic, budget, Custom demands.


Reseller Web Hosting:


What Does It Mean?


If You Would like to sell hosting


Data Center outfitted with newest servers,


Cooling systems,


Energy supply,


Unlimited Internet Connection,


Power Backup Generators


And not forgetting a great group of specialized specialists with Excellent support executives. That is not all You need a location which is safe from natural calamities and will need to follow lots of local Govt. Regulations.


That is a great deal, right? Why hosting companies supply, this is Reseller hosting Packages which enables me and you to sell hosting packages as a distinct company While all the hard work (Mentioned above) will be dealt with by Hosting Company.


Everything is managed by hosting firm all we have to Do is subscribe to Reseller hosting and start selling hosting services.


Few Examples: SiteGround Bluehost. And much more.


When Can I Use?


Web agencies who handle clients can opt for, developers Reseller packages. If you’re proficient at online advertising with little technical experience, you can begin selling hosting services.


The Hosting Market


I use Gartner’s hosting methods, since I operate at Gartner While I talk about the marketplace. We categorize the hosting market into four segments: Colocation, Shared Hosting, Simple Managed Hosting, and Sophisticated Managed Hosting. Colocation is unmanaged colocation (“ping, power, pipe”). Shared Hosting is mass-market shared-infrastructure hosting. The Simple Managed section is typified by direction only up to the OS layer, and easy architectures (usually just 1 or two servers). The Sophisticated Managed segment is all. The three categories span, based on what they are.


Sample Colocation Providers:


Equinix (carrier-neutral data centers)


SAVVIS (includes a network but doesn’t demand its use)


Maximum 10 (regional supplier )


Hurricane Electric (local supplier )


Yahoo! (small company portal site )


1&1 Web (shared hosting-focused supplier )


NTT Verio (mass-market hosting, including wholesaling)


Sample Simple Managed Hosting Providers:


The Planet


Rackspace (its”Managed” line of company )




Sample Complex Managed Hosting Providers:









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