What colors or patterns?

The Genuine Cherbourg x Élysée Umbrella

Did you sing, dance and dream in front of “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”? The film becomes reality: get the Genuine Cherbourg umbrella handcrafted in the Manufacture of Cherbourg. 

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Embroidered with the emblem of the Presidency, it becomes a unique piece, in blue, white or red.

As elegant as it is resistant, this model offers real protection with its automatic opening and its fiberglass mast. This umbrella of impeccable quality is handmade with carefully selected materials. Its whales bend but do not break, its straight handle is in Charme du Jura, its silky fabric is water-repellent and waterproof. funky umberella


– Blue white red

wrist strap – Height: 86.50 cm

– Weight: 0.54 kg

– Width: 6 cm

– Depth: 6 cmfunky umberella

– 100% French manufacturing

– Label: Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivan

Maintenance tips :


To make your umbrella last, we recommend that you fold it up well and dry it open before storing it.


About the Manufacture of Cherbourg:


Created in 1986, the Manufacture des Parapluies de Cherbourg is renowned for its craftsmanship. A team of manufacturers handcraft each umbrella. Recognized by the Living Heritage Company Label, the Le Véritable Cherbourg brand offers products of excellence made in France. Chic and practical, it is the essential accessory of modern times. Adored and adopted by big luxury houses, the Cherbourg Umbrella is exported all over the world.

Well distributed in France, you must contact the brand in order to obtain the list of stores near you.

The English houses :

Old house founded in 1830, distributes canes and umbrellas. Possibility of tailor-made. The shop is very old school, indeed it has not changed for 140 years!

Excellent English house, the ultimate in English umbrella and the price that goes with it obviously. Very beautiful pieces… Reserved for the most chic!

Young, fairly qualitative French brand. Fiberglass frame, double canvas, reinforced edges … The design is quite “sporty”. Unfortunately not yet sufficiently well distributed in the provinces. A decent value for money. Several limited editions are available (quite expensive though).

What colors or patterns?

choose man umbrella

To finish this article, I will discuss the colors and the different patterns. The only advice I could give is this: avoid too light colors. Indeed, when it rains, the sky is often gray. A bright yellow with a gray sky and a shower, it’s just out of place!


Stay in basic colors, navy blue, black, gray … Olive green is also an interesting alternative.


Regarding the patterns, if you are young you can try slightly offset patterns (camouflage). For older children, stripes are acceptable. The tiles a little more difficult to wear correctly … You can also play with the inside of the canvas which can have a different pattern or color (which I encourage you to do).


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