Why give a personalized umbrella?

Cheap custom umbrellas

Avecvotrelogo is a company specializing in the creation of completely customizable promotional and advertising products for businesses. We suggest you print your logo on the products of our wide range of umbrellas.

Inexpensive personalized umbrellas are practical and attractive promotional or advertising gifts for your customers . It is an original promotional gift which your customers can take advantage of and which will allow you to gain visibility wherever they use it. Umbrellas are perhaps the most suitable promotional gifts for your needs funky umberella.

Our great diversity of umbrellas: Reversible, automatic, transparent …
At Avecvotrelogo, we are aware that umbrellas make excellent promotional gifts for companies from all walks of life. In addition, we offer a wide choice of products among which you will find the customizable umbrella with your logo that best suits your needs funky umberella

We have promotional umbrellas and promotional of all kinds: large umbrellas, small umbrellas, plain or colorful umbrellas, but also automatic umbrellas , the folding umbrellas , umbrellas for children, umbrellas rollover , square umbrellas, anti-UVA umbrellas, XL umbrellas, umbrellas with wooden handles, transparent umbrellas, … to sum up, we offer many references.

Find the perfect umbrella to promote your business!
Personalized umbrella with logo

Personalized umbrellas are presented as a practical and attractive promotional / advertising gift for your company, it is a truly original gift from which loyal customers and / or potential customers can benefit a lot. And all by making a great diffusion everywhere they walk with this one. An umbrella can become the corporate gift sought after by your company.

A wide range of advertising umbrellas
At Avecvotrelogo, we are aware that umbrellas make excellent promotional gifts for companies from all horizons. We also put at your disposal a wide range of possibilities at your fingertips, you can find an umbrella for all tastes, so that you can offer this umbrella with the logo of your company that best suits your needs or a precise idea.

We have various advertising umbrellas, from large umbrellas to small umbrellas, single or multi-colored umbrellas, as well as automatic umbrellas, folding umbrellas, children’s umbrellas, square umbrellas, anti-UV umbrellas, XL umbrella, golf with wooden handle, transparent umbrellas, … in short, we offer you endless possibilities.

The promotional umbrellas are characterized by greater customization surface. Of business gifts that your customers will be happy to use. These advertising objects exist in different models and different colors to better adapt to the needs of your corporate events or your marketing operations. A selection of products with a wide choice of models, colors, materials…

Opt for the foldable umbrella , very functional, it will slip easily into a bag, pocket or glove box. For a large coverage area and a more elegant finish, choose the golf umbrella . On the other hand, if you want an extremely weather-resistant product, the storm umbrella can withstand winds of more than 100 km / h thanks to carbon or fiberglass ribs. The storm umbrella is also equipped in its upper part with a double layer system, allowing the wind to escape and thus preventing the umbrella from turning over during strong gusts. Personalized with your logo or message, the advertising umbrella will convey your image in the streets, public transport, shops during rainy days … Bad weather becomes an asset for your communication.
Here you are gentlemen, you are now able to choose your next umbrella correctly! Something promised, something due, here is the famous video of the armored umbrella!

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