The Lady Million of paco Rabanne brings together two of my top Loves — diamonds and cologne! This is no ordinary casing — modelled after the renowned Régent diamond (a colossal 410-carat uncut sparkler in the Golkonda mines, which was created into a 141-carat cushion brilliant that went to grace the crowns of Louis XV and Louis XVI, before adorning Marie Antoinette’s headpiece; it is presently on display in the Louvre), this multifaceted bottle has been visualised by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, famous designer of both items and interiors. Rabanne’s own architectural impact is also evident in every detail, right from the carefully calibrated depth to the quality and weight of the glass and even the colour (diamonds are chilly, but the jar is a hot, sensual gold) one million paco rabanne.


For the fragrance itself, to be truthful I had been less than Blown away at first whiff. But once it came house and settled down a bit (how could you resist such a dramatic design), somehow, someplace things clicked into position and its now my favourite cologne for the season. The honey notes (uncommon in a fragrance), combined with the voluptuousness of orange blossom, patchouli, vanilla, neroli and Arabian jasmine make it both mellow and theatrical — perfect for your celebration nighttime or as a fast pick-me-up throughout a long and weary day which requires some cheering up!

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive & Lady Million Prive new fragrances

1 Million Privé ~”Seven years ago, Christophe Raynaud Combined forces with Michel Girard and Olivier Pescheux to dream 1 Million Eau de Toilette . The leathery, animal odor illuminates a bit of cinnamon and blood flow. He has retained these final two blazing and luscious components . In a spin, he has enhanced the odor and integrated materials that were noble to choose it out of classic. The center is an adventure of tobacco enriched with myrrh. The base notes are sensual and sexy with a mix of tonka bean complete and legendary patchouli. Exciting and explosive! This is a composite of rare materials in gold and gold tones with tobacco’s matte thickness and the oriental reflections of myrrh resin. The 1 Million Privé man appears under your nose: elegant, occasionally frivolous. In Eau de Parfum.

“banned”… When Anne Flipo, founder of Lady Million and now the Privé version, evokes the odor of this attractive and irresistible woman, it’s a universe in itself which comes through in fragrant waves. With notes of timber and orange blossom, Lady Million Eau de Parfum performs with the seduction card, attracting her partner to an dangerous romantic pairing. Far from toning down things, Lady Million Privé requires the adventure one step further to lands that are hypnotic and deep, oriental and sensual. The amazing trio of sexy and creamy vanilla, sunny heliotrope flower and strawberry seals the enchantment. In the bottom notes cocoa bean comes to the fore, followed by honey and vibrant patchouli. An irresistible effect along with a wave of heat like a , enveloping and gentle sirocco wind. An invitation to want and a fragrance of escape.” In Eau de Toilette.


Paco Rabanne 1 Million Privé and Lady Million Privé will This summer debut.

Virile, asserted Rabanne. Those amounts are harnessed by the One Million concept by Paco Rabanne, teamed with dream, seduction, desire and bling.


The striking 1 Million jar, made by trained sculptor Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, resembles a golden ingot, and is engraved on front using all the One Million Paco Rabanne logo.

Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard — opens on new notes Of bloodstream, mint and grapefruit mandarin, leading to a heart of rose absolute, The foundation is described as a harmony of leather, White wood, patchouli and amber.


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