Sales Success: 9 Secrets Revealed

Achieving success in sales today is much more about focusing on the customer than on the product itself

How to be successful in sales? Is this a question that takes your sleep? It doesn’t have to be that way. Contrary to what most people think, you don’t need to be born with sales skills: they can be developed with study and practice.

Being a good listener is the first one. Achieving sales success is much more about focusing on the customer than on the product itself.

Being a salesperson today is being a solver, but that’s just the beginning of our conversation. This article will reveal the main secrets you should consider to be successful in sales.

And, first of all, remember that satisfactory revenue is not the only indicator of success. Earning the customer’s trust, being recognized for their work, and being valued by the company are other rewards that salespeople can get by doing a good job.

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Why Pursue Sales Success?

Every business depends on sales to survive and grow. Without them, there is no way to proceed. And that goes for all activities. Whether you are a service provider or an e-commerce entrepreneur, selling is the watchword.

Sales correspond to sales, or gross revenues. They represent the money that comes into the business and needs to happen to, at the very least, generate resources in order to finance the company’s operations.

If the second one expires in the balance between income and expenses, it means that sales are below what is necessary. And even if the first one is slightly ahead, it’s not indicative of sales success.

Therefore, it is not enough to sell, it is necessary to sell more and sell well. Those who do not follow this quest are limited to surviving, the profit margin becomes a fictional story and each month is a battle to pay employees, suppliers and various bills.

If you are determined not to settle down and live in this anguish, you are taking the first and important step, because success in sales depends a lot on personal will. Anyone can become a good salesperson, as long as they seek knowledge, information and have determination and purpose in the project.

Do you identify with this and have a goal in success? So, move on. In the next topic, you will discover the secrets that will bring you closer to sales success.

9 Secrets to Successful Sales

Sometimes what separates a business from sales success is attention to detail. Actions are planned with a focus on numbers. It is the billing that serves as a guide and it is based on it that sales are sought.

Can it work? Momentarily yes. But for it to receive the seal of success, there is a long way to go and it goes far beyond the coldness of numbers.

Check out the real secrets of sales success now.

  1. Know the customer

University town islamabad talk about this frequently here on the blog, and it’s not by chance. The salesperson needs to gather as much information as possible about their target audience, as well as the specific customer they will be approaching.

This will help to customize this approach and direct the Lead to the most suitable offer for you. In addition, it also facilitates the next point, rapport.

  1. Generate rapport

The rapport is a technique widely used in sales is to establish an empathetic relationship with the caller. The idea is to create a connection with the Lead, making it less resistant during the conversation and opening up space for negotiation.

Some tips for this are finding commonalities (so this prior research we talked about in the previous item can help), being genuinely interested, and building a relationship over time.

  1. Focus on service, not sales

Do you know sellers who only contact customers and potential buyers to offer a product or service? Certainly yes. Anything other than that didn’t make sense in the not-too-recent past, but everything has changed nowadays.

Consumers have acquired another role, largely because of the amount of information available to them. Approaching it exclusively to sell rarely works, the more direct you are in the sale, the greater your chances of rejection.

It may sound strange, but focus on customer service and forget about sales at first. By positioning yourself more like a partner and less like a salesperson, you begin to build a confidence that will make all the difference in making the process happen.

  1. Find out what your customer’s problem is

The goal of every good salesperson is to find out what their customer’s problem is. If he goes to a shoe store it’s because he needs a new pair, right?

The “cat leap” is finding out why. Would it be a running shoe? A shoe for a social occasion? Or just a different shoe for leisure time?

When you find the answers, you start to direct your potential customer to what he really wants and needs. The focus is on your “pain”, your need. And as you already know, nobody wants to spend money, especially on what doesn’t matter, right?

  1. Help your customer to decide

Even if you find out what your customer’s problem is, many times they will still have questions about what to buy. After all, there are dozens of products on the market, with similar models and functions.

Issues such as price, color and even design make the difference. If you’ve made it this far and realize that your potential buyer doesn’t know what to do, give it time.

Try to help in the best possible way, without being invasive. Give your business card so that it feels even safer to make your purchase and don’t forget to clear all doubts. Also, make yourself available for future contact.

Do this precisely to ensure that decision making is safe and assertive. Don’t forget that everyone likes to be sure about how to spend their money.

Remember secret number one? Well, it is practically a “base” for the entire sales process well carried out. Avoid focusing on sales, but on service in the first place.

  1. The sale is a consequence of good service

So far, we’ve talked about the importance of service. And when will it be time to sell? One of the most precious secrets is to understand that the sale will come naturally when customer service is done well.

Being cordial and inviting for questions or even to demonstrate the products you have at your disposal makes a difference. It’s what turns an average salesperson into a successful salesperson. Just use your own customer experience as a reference.

What do you remember about the vendors who served you? Certainly, the best ones were those who were dedicated to your problem, caring and proactive in reassuring you of your fears.

Discouraged salespeople, afraid or unwilling to talk, rarely meet their goals at the end of the month. Want a tip? See the sale as a kind of reward for your dedication to service.

  1. Be prepared for the “no”

As best a salesperson as you are, not everything is under your control. Accepting this not only contributes to the sale, it is much healthier than charging excessively for the “no” received.

The objections and denials are natural in a negotiation. The famous phrase “I will think” will come up many times during your day.

Reason for discouragement? None of that! It often means you are doing an excellent job. It’s a mistake to think that everyone looking for you is ready to buy. Many of them just want help in identifying their need.

They are curious, worried, in doubt and in search of information. They still find themselves at the stage of considering what to buy and where to buy. You, as a consumer, have also been through this. And what makes you more relaxed as a customer?

Trust the salesperson, see his interest in helping you and not just pushing a product or service that might not be the solution you need. So be patient in the sale. Learn to handle rejections and never take “no” personally.

  1. Use a tool that helps to capture and retain customers

As you look at the secrets to sales success so far, you’ve probably noticed important aspects. One is that many of the potential customers are not ready to sell and are just looking for information. That is, there are different stages in the process and they need to be respected.

More than that: they require punctual and specific actions. The approach to those who do not know it yet, or have not identified the interests or needs in its solution, plays a prominent role in the strategy.

You need a tool to help you capture and retain customers. It can be restricted to the business card, which even works well in some situations, despite being rudimentary. Or you can define yourself by technology. How about having good specialized software for this task? Want an example?

Emails are still one of the best ways you can establish direct, personal contact with your customers. And that makes this tool indispensable to capture new Leads, who are potential consumers of your solutions.

To get their contact, you can offer the customer valuable digital material, such as an eBook- type guide, a webinar invitation, or a newsletter subscription.

In this way, it attracts the audience with valuable content – ​​and for free. The public perceives it as a gain and not a loss, as a first approach focused on sales would be.

  1. Offer different forms of payment

To complete this list, the final step could not be different. You need to offer the customer the means they have to pay for the purchase.

It may come as a surprise, but payment terms and options are sometimes more important to him than the price itself.

If he prefers to pay in the bank slip, but you don’t make it available, what is the chance of him knocking on the competition’s door? It’s big, isn’t it?

The same goes for the card, both in credit and debit. If you have a physical unit, you need a little machine. If you work in a virtual store, a digital solution.

Watch the video below and also check out the main questions about sales in the current scenario:

Being successful in sales does not mean earning high in a given month. This is a long-term work, aimed at the company’s sustainable growth.

Month by month, you must gain customers and partner with them. That way, whenever a need arises, you will be remembered.

Did you like these tips on how to be successful in sales? If you want to continue learning about how to sell better, we recommend reading the Sales Techniques and Methodologies kit, a complete guide with tips on how to convince, delight and retain customers. Download it for free!


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