Sebago Boat and deck shoes for Men

Timberland Ekhert2Eye

The Timberland Earthkeepers Heritage Boat 2 Eye are boat shoes with a timeless classic look. They have survived the ages and kept the same elegance, despite the evolutionary trends, and can even be considered as one of the best boat shoes on the market. The upper is made of full grain leather and Premium nubuck, which is the best in terms of solidity and longevity. The topstitching on the upper was done by hand and is proof of the manufacturing quality and the authenticity of the Timberland brand products.



For optimal support of the feet, the firm opted for a 360 ° lacing system. Your feet will then be adjusted to measure, and the lacing is done simply by passing the laces in the rivets on all sides. Then you just have to tie on the front, and voila. The laces chosen are also of excellent quality because they are also made of real rawhide.


In terms of comfort, your feet will be perfectly comfortable and will support extended wear thanks to an anti-fatigue footbed covered with three-quarter length leather.


Where to buy the best boat shoes for your husband? This type of shoe is one of the most appreciated by men for its comfort and practicality. Bet on the Timberland Ekhert2Eye!


Good pointsTimeless style:Men are not all great moderators like women. Many appreciate this model of shoes by its classic and timeless style.Great solidity:If you are looking for a robust pair, choose this Timberland Earthkeepers Heritage Boat 2 Eye, made with full grain leather and Premium nubuck. This guarantees a long service life. What’s more, the topstitching is done by hand for more quality.Undeniable comfort:Foot support is optimal thanks to the 360 ​​° lacing system. In addition, these shoes are ideal for extended wear thanks to their anti-fatigue footbeds. Negative pointsLack of choice:These shoes are perfect in themselves. Unfortunately, you will only find them in light and dark brown.


Sebago Docksides 

Do you want a boat shoe for men of great elegance and very resistant? The sebago boat shoes Docksides shoes are in this case able to delight you. These are Blucher hand-stitched sea shoes that have essentially made the brand successful.


Its soles are Littleway Stitched Sebago Dockside in non-slip rubber and will give you a good grip even on slippery floors. The rubber used also has the distinction of being non-marking. Your feet will feel perfectly at ease there, and fatigue will not be felt, even after wearing the shoes for long hours, thanks to the ergonomics of the soles.


The material chosen for the laces is leather, in order to offer them maximum resistance. The eyelets are made of anti-corrosion brass.


A single piece of leather wraps the entire foot. For this, a full grain nubuck leather was used, because it is distinguished by its great robustness and its extended durability. The interior is therefore covered with three-quarters of unlined leather.


It is normal to want shoes that are both elegant and resistant. How about this model from Sebago Docksides? It is the best performing product on the list.


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