Sebago Boat Shoes for Men for sale

Good pointsBetter quality:This pair of sea shoes has been hand sewn. This is what makes the success of the brand.Resistant materials:Men love models that have a long life to accompany them over several years. These are the ideal choice since they were made of leather in one piece. The laces are also made with this material while the eyelets are in anticorrosion brass.A choice of comfort:The best brand of boat shoes is sebago boat shoes since it offers optimal comfort. The outsoles are in non-slip rubber and the interior is perfectly ergonomic. Negative pointsAn outdated style:This model is very robust and comfortable. Nevertheless, it has an antique style that may only appeal to older men.



TBS – Globek

The Globek has been one of the flagship models of the TBS brand collections for almost a quarter of a century now. Despite the passing years and trends, it has in no way lost its elegance and continues to be successful with the knowledgeable public.


The timeless design of this brown boat shoe has kept up to date and will adapt to many everyday looks (formal wear, elegant, casual etc.). The brand logo is proudly displayed on the engraved tongue.


The sole of this shoe is made of patented “Technigrip” rubber, a technology that allows the wearer to benefit from maximum comfort and flexibility while offering excellent grip, even on a wet surface.


The side reinforcements allow for optimal support for the foot. People suffering from back pain will feel perfectly at ease thanks to the excellent ergonomics of the soles. Do not hesitate to buy it if this is your case. The shoe can be worn without socks, comfort will remain optimal.


The TBS brand has long been known for making shoes for almost a quarter of a century. The Globek model appeals to men for many reasons.


Good pointsPracticality:There is no need to compare the boat shoe models on the market. This one will know how to accompany you wherever you go, with a city dress, casual or even elegant.Advanced technology:Comfort is at the rendezvous as is safety if you walk on slippery ground, thanks to the patented “Technigrip” rubber sole. Your shoe offers flexibility, comfort and better grip. What is more, it provides good support for the feet thanks to its lateral reinforcements. Negative pointsA high price:The pair is very comfortable especially thanks to its optimal support. However, the price is slightly high compared to other models.






Eagle – Tarmac

The Tarmac Eagle can be considered as a moccasin with laces and notched sole with a boat-inspired aesthetic. It is covered with full grain leather and lined in leather. You will then have a very resistant shoe that will last you for many years, even if you wear it very frequently.


Its look is a point that will probably attract your attention in a comparison. His is versatile, and therefore suitable for both the countryside and the city. The leather laces help give it a very pleasant casual look.


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