Features of shark rotator professional manual-2020


Quality is assured since we have here a model of the Karcher brand. When you wonder what to choose as a steam cleaner, the real question is rather than choosing between Karcher or Polti. At the top of Amazon sales, this light model (weighing 4.5 kg) reaches up to 1900 Watts of power. Before even talking about its speed, let us mention its performance: it can cover absolutely all surfaces! For optimal cleaning (but also mindful of the solidity of the materials and surfaces you are attacking), the model comes with several accessories such as a pencil nozzle, a round brush, a windscreen or a mop. In this way, you can constantly adapt your device to the type of cleaning that you are carrying out.


While customers and critics praise its performance, they especially appreciate its ease and speed of use. Indeed, this device displays a record heating time, since it is only 30 seconds, for a tank with a capacity of one liter.

Also note that a cartridge is directly supplied with the device to fight tartar, thereby extending the life of the model.



This shark rotator professional manual will be perfect if you want to make cleaning your surfaces and your household in general more pleasant, but you do not have many surfaces to cover. Indeed, this model has been designed to offer an unbeatable value for money, which allows you to combine good performance with a low price. And the good point in all this is that you are dealing here with a product of the Polti brand, in other words a trusted brand!

shark rotator professional manual

With a pressure of 3 bar maximum and a power amount up to 1500 Watts, you can use your device on many surfaces. Likewise, note that the model comes with a shoulder strap: this allows you to carry the device – rather light – for quick cleaning in several places.


Customers particularly appreciate the fact that this product is dedicated to them, that is to say a product used for occasional use and in medium spaces. With this in mind, they highlight the nomadic use that one can have of the model thanks to its strap, which can very quickly return to the ground with its 4 meter cable. Finally, know that the product is guaranteed for 2 years: a bargain given its price!



Polti or Karcher alternately, we are back now with a Karcher model. Whether you are tackling hard floors (like tiling or parquet) or on the contrary softer materials like carpets, know that the cleaning performance of this model is excellent. In addition, the model comes with many accessories (sold separately) that allow you to facilitate many household tasks. For example, if you are going to remove paint from one of your pieces, be aware that it is possible to buy a suitable “stripper” accessory. Practical, right?

Finally, despite a heating time of 4 minutes – which places this model below others on this criterion – know that this model has unlimited autonomy. Indeed, it incorporates a double tank system: you can alternately fill the two tanks, and use your device potentially endlessly. An excellent plan, when you know that you can have a multifunction use of this device!


Customers particularly appreciate the fact that this device remains in the same price range as other Karcher products, namely around € 170. In addition, many advertisements and other promotions allow you to get it sometimes at a very good price, so remember to take a look from time to time! Finally, consumer opinions remain unanimous on the reason that pushed them to know that to choose as a steam vacuum cleaner: the unlimited autonomy of the device.

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