The statistics of how many pilots are alcoholics

People drink to justify their behavior. They have its quilt they want it to justify their quest. In order to justify their impulses, they drink to control them. Many professionals who are doing a very stressful job they enjoy a drink for relaxation. After drinking they can get relaxation. Due to the bundle of work, they become tense and in order to pacify their thoughts, they drink to relax their thought process.

Even pilots use to drink because the job of a pilot is too hard. Pilots are also responsible for running comprehensive flights. Sometimes due to the load of work they drink. And many of them can be recognized. The Consequence of Refusing a DUI Breathalyzer Test effect a pilot job at a great deal.

Why do they drink?

We know that pilot has to move from one place to another. They approximately travel all around the world which is the demand of their job. They have to travel much. But plenty of the stress is associated with it such as:

  • You cannot have sound sleep due to the number of flights
  • Pilots are away from their families for a long time
  • They have long work hours and have flights increasingly stacked back to back with only brief stay at hotel
  • Pilots are away from their home for extended period of time
  • Need to attend many workshops and, training also a fatigue for themConsequence of Refusing a DUI Breathalyzer Test

Pilot’s job is fascinating for people that he travels all sound the world. And much glamour and sophistication are being placed in this job. So people think that the job pilot is too easy.

Why do they start drinking?

Drinking is not a necessarily problem in and of it-self but pilots are in a unique situation where they are often isolated and removed from the surrounding. That may lead to an increased urge to drink out of boredom and loneliness. They usually have no friend circle due to the job timing often they are isolated so in order to relax their mind in isolation they start drinking. Due to these issues,we see pilots are being under the influence of alcohol.

Why they are not detected until the matter is out of control?

A lot of usual signs of alcoholism cannot be detected until the problem has gotten out of control.  For instance, the biggest sign of developing alcohol problem is when a person starts doing much of their drinking alone or in secret. The relative isolation of a pilot’s job makes them more slightly to slip into the habit without anyone noticing.

  • They drink alone so they cannot be detected
  • They are not surrounded by the family who can keep them in check
  • Usually, they have to stay in hotels and restaurants where no one can notice this of their habit
  • They have to go from one place to another due to this no one can have eye on them

Pilot’s alcohol regulation:

There are two FAR’s that one needs to know when it is about drinking and flying. Most of the pilot aware of the 8-hour rule, but most of the airline has a more stringent 12 hour time limit. If a pilot is noticed then he needs to hire dui attorney for representation who can present different reason effectively to defend him.










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