vanguard alta pro great journey tripod

Vanguard Alta Pro is an super tripod for visiting

Though the Vanguard Alta Pro is sort of 6 years vintage by means of now, it’s nonetheless one of the first-class tripods on the market these days! Since the discharge of an updated model – the less than stellar Alta Pro 2 – the price of the Alta Pro has dropped even further as nicely, making this already budget-friendly tour tripod even extra low priced.

The Vanguard Alta Pro uses an innovative system – referred to as MACC (Multi-Angle Central Column) – where the middle column can be circled on its axis as much as 180 tiers, taking into account a horizontal and the wrong way up compositions.

With such flexibility, you can position your camera in Best Travel Tripod ways that might commonly be awkward, like close to to the ground and poking out to the aspect. The machine in all fairness intuitive and setting-up must take now not than any other tripod.


Innovative layout this is still beneficial nowadays

Excellent charge these days

Well ready to address maximum cameras


15.Four lb load capability can be a liberal quantity

Will need protection

Fidgety quick release plate

The legs of the Alta Pro are constructed of three sections and may be laid out almost flat. Combined with the MACC, this ensures which you’ll be capable of acquire some pretty crazy and precise angles. The legs use flips locks, which can be handy however would require periodic tightening as they’re used.

The Vanguard Alta Pro is a touch heavy as it’s made from aluminum. It’s rated to a preserve up to 15.4 lbs but many users have commented that this number can be skewed as wobble can nonetheless be a problem with oversized DSLRs. Avoid using this tripod at its full extension.

The Vanguard Alta comes prepared with an SBH-one hundred ball head that in all fairness strong. The brief release plate is not as easy as other tripods – just like the Manfrotto – however that is a minor gripe. Below the ball head, there may be a bubble leveler as properly.




Vanguard Alta Pro Specs

Load Capacity:15.4 lb

Maximum Height: 68.1″

Minimum Height: fifty six″ but this is a deceptive variety

Folded Length: 28.1″

Weight: 5.4 lbs

Leg Sections: 3 – Flip Locks



Is the Vanguard Alta Pro For You?

Do you want one of the most innovative and praised tripods in recent memory? Want to take advantage of its latest charge cuts? Then there is no better time to make investments inside the Vanguard Alta Pro! This tripod is very succesful and has end up nicely-loved through the years; in lots of human beings’s minds, it nevertheless one of the best.

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